Conclave Rotation Schedule

SR-7A Conclaves are traditionally held on the weekend in April that includes the last Saturday of the month.

2017 Lions Blue Heron 349
2018 Rock Enon Shenshawpotoo 276
2019 Brady Saunders Nawakwa 3
2020 Shenandoah Shenandoah 258
2021 TBD Wahunsenakah 333
2022 Powhatan Tutelo 161
2021 Lions Blue Heron 349
2021 Rock Enon Shenshawpotoo

*This rotation reflects an alteration made by the SR-7A Council of Chiefs in February of 2014 to accommodate a request by Nawakwa Lodge #3 to be the service lodge in 2019, their 100th anniversary year. Blue Heron #349 and Nawakwa #3 switched service years. The above rotation pattern will remain in effect unless altered in the future by the Council of Chiefs.