2017 SR-7A Conclave

Welcome to the Conclave 2017 web site! This is your one-stop source for info on the 2017 SR-7A Conclave, which will be held on the weekend of April 28 – April 30, 2017 at Pipsico Scout Reservation in Spring Grove, Virginia. Check back often for updates on new programs and activities for 2017!

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UPDATE 4/25/17 16:00

The moment that you have been waiting for is almost here! This Friday, over 1,150 Arrowmen from across Virginia and beyond will gather at Pipsico Scout Reservation for the 2017 SR-7A Conclave. Here are a few final announcements and reminders as you prepare for Conclave:

Directions: The Pipsico Scout Reservation is located at 57 Pipsico Road, Spring Grove, VA 23881. Because Pipsico is situated on the south bank of the (very wide) James River, your travel to camp might even involve a ferry crossing! Visit the Pipsico web site for specific directions depending on your direction of approach.

Tents: Arrowmen will need to bring their own tents and sleeping gear.

Be Prepared: Conclave is held rain or shine. Current forecasts are calling for very warm weather this weekend. When packing, make certain that you will be prepared no matter what the weather holds. Also, be aware that cellular service is spotty at Pipsico for some carriers. Be prepared for the possibility of a weekend without cellular and/or data access. In case of emergencies only, the camp may be contacted at (757) 294-3912. This number is not to be used for welfare checks or general communications.

Arrival and Check-in: Upon your arrival to Camp Lions (the Pipsico Scout Reservation camp where most of Conclave will be occurring), you will be directed by the service lodge to the Burton Center, where your gear and passengers (if any) will be dropped off. Arrowmen are encouraged to label gear with their name and lodge information. All Conclave participants will then check-in at the OA Shelter where you will receive your packet, Passport, and Conclave patch. Check-in at the OA Shelter will run from 3:00 pm until 10:00 pm. Anyone arriving after 10:00 pm should check-in with their lodge at their lodge’s campsite.

Parking: After dropping off gear and passengers at the Burton Center, drivers will be directed to park their vehicles for the weekend near the Gregson Center, and the Service Lodge will shuttle drivers back to Camp Lions.

Meals and Activities on Friday Night: Dinner will be served on the Friday night of Conclave in the Dining Hall from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. The Conclave Carnival will begin at 6:00 on Friday night with the Conclave Kickoff gathering at 8:15 p.m. A Vigil Rededication will occur at 9:00 p.m. Friday night.

Campsites: Most campsites at Pipsico do not have electricity. If you have particular needs, such as use of a CPAP machine, please contact your lodge adviser, who has been given additional information. Lodges will be camping in the following campsites:

  • Nawakwa 3: Site 7
  • Tutelo 161: Site 11
  • Shenandoah 258: Sites 2 and 3
  • Shenshawpotoo 276: Site 4
  • Wahunsenakah 333: Sites 6 and 8
  • Blue Heron 349: Sites 9 and 10


Weekend Schedule: The full Conclave Schedule may be found HERE. The Training and Quest for the Golden Arrow schedules will be available on-site in the Participant Passport.

Never been to a Conclave? Check out this highlights video from last year so you can see what’s in store!