Frequently Asked Questions

Conclave FAQs (6)

Who should go to Conclave?

Every OA member in SR-7A is welcome to attend.  Conclave is the premier event for both youth and adults — there are activities for everyone!  It doesn’t matter how involved in the OA you are or how long you have been an Arrowman, you do not want to miss this year’s Conclave.

What is Conclave?

The short answer:  It’s a lot of fun!  The section Conclave is an annual event involving all of the lodges in an established geographic area, called a “section.”  The purpose is to train with each other to develop as Arrowmen and as leaders.  Each Conclave is led by section youth officers elected from among the member lodges at the previous year’s Conclave, and the event itself is prepared in cooperation with various other lodge officers, and with one lodge serving as the “service lodge.”

The SR-7A Conclave is an annual gathering of over 1,000 Arrowmen in April at a Boy Scout camp in Virginia.  It’s a great weekend of fun, training, competitions, and fellowship!

Why should I attend Conclave?

Conclave is the biggest and best event of the lodge year!  Conclave is a full weekend of activities and experiences designed to take Scouting to the next level.  Conclave offers the best opportunity to engage in top-notch training, flawless OA ceremonies, intriguing individual and group Indian dance competitions, and friendly athletic competitions.  The weekend is topped off with a Saturday night show and feast, patch trading, and section officer elections.  Finally, Conclave is the only event at which lodges can earn the coveted Spirit Award, the hard-fought Quest for the Golden Arrow Award, and the prestigious Lodge of the Year Award.  Conclave will have you coming back year after year.

How do I register for Conclave? How much does it cost?

Go to and click on your lodge flap to sign-up.  You will have the option of paying online with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) or by mailing a check.

The base on-time registration fee for Conclave 2018 is $45.00. This includes your meals during the event, participation packet, and one participation patch. Some lodges apply a surcharge to the base fee to cover transportation or other lodge contingent costs. The additional surcharge fee for each lodge is listed below:

  • Nawakwa 3: $15
  • Tutelo 161: None
  • Shenandoah 258: $12
  • Shenshawpotoo 276: $15
  • Wahunsenakah 333: $20
  • Blue Heron 349: $5

Of course, merchandise, souvenirs, snacks, etc. purchased during registration, traveling to and from Conclave, or at Conclave are extra.

What do I need to bring for Conclave?

Conclave occurs at a Boy Scout camp.  To “be prepared,” you will want to bring a sleeping bag, toiletries, rain gear, flashlight, your full Scout uniform and OA sash, money (for the trading post), patches (for trading), and anything else that might make your stay more comfortable.  Also, be sure to bring your own tent (or make plans to share one with a friend).  Food and fun are provided in abundance.  Show up with a smile and have an awesome weekend!

When and where is the 2019 SR-7A Conclave going to be held?

The 2019 SR-7A Conclave will be held April 26 – 28, 2019 at Camp T. Brady Saunders, Maidens, VA. Nawakwa #3 will be the Service Lodge and celebrating 100 years of Order of the Arrow in Virginia.