New Brotherhood Ceremony

fireAttend the 2013 Conclave for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe the first major ceremony overhaul in more than 50 years.  A proposal has been approved by the National Order of the Arrow Committee to make major revisions to the current Brotherhood ceremony.  During 2013, the proposed new ceremony will be demonstrated at each section conclave across the nation for the purpose of gathering impressions and responses from around the country before full approval of the new ceremony.  The National OA Committee will review the feedback received and make adjustments to the ceremony accordingly.  The new Brotherhood ceremony will be released and in 2014 lodges will have the option of using either the old Brotherhood ceremony or new Brotherhood ceremony with full national adoption of the ceremony in 2015, the 100th year of the Order of the Arrow.

This new Brotherhood ceremony will be performed on Friday night at the SR-7A Conclave for current Brotherhood and Vigil members.  The only way to see this new ceremony and offer your feedback to National is to attend Conclave.  Consider how Goodman and Edson felt when they witnessed the very first OA ceremony.  It is only right that you take advantage of this historic opportunity to observe the new Brotherhood ceremony at Conclave.