Conclave Expo

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The Expo this year is going to more exciting than ever! On Saturday afternoon, there is something at the Expo for everyone.

On Saturday afternoon, visit the Expo to meet interesting people, create cool crafts, learn new things, and ELEVATE your Conclave experience!

  1. Medical Helicopter Landing– the PHI Air Care Medical helicopter will be landing right in front of the Dining Hall. You won’t be able to miss the fly-by before landing. Be sure to come out and meet the crew and get a tour of the helicopter.
  2. Miss Virginia 2017-18: Cecili Weber – come and meet this exceptional young woman, take a picture, get a signed autographed picture.
  3. Air Pistol Range – come and test your marksmanship with the New BSA-NRA approved Air Soft pistols.
  4. U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion – come and take the “Army Challenge” to test your physical abilities.
  5. Flute Construction – Arrowmen will learn about and be able to build their very own traditional 6-hole flute.
  6. Tomahawk Throwing – come and test your skill at throwing tomahawks.
  7. Giant Jenga – this set is really big- and if you are skilled- your tower will be well over 6’ tall.
  8. World Scout Jamboree – Want to know more about the WSJ? This is where you need to come to get all the information.
  9. BSA Venturing – Come and learn more about the fastest growing areas of Scouting for older young men and women.
  10. NOAC Booth – The National Order of the Arrow Conference will be this year at Indiana University. Come and pick-up some information! This is an event you do not want to miss.
  11. Sea Scouts – Do you love Scouting? Do you love the water? This is the place to learn about the exciting Sea Scout program.