OA High Adventure Area


Building upon the success of last year, the Section SR-7A High Adventure Committee is pleased to be making a return appearance at the 2015 Conclave! We can’t wait to unveil our old favorites and new, exciting opportunities for adventure to Bayport Scout Reservation in Jamaica, VA.

Our program is highlighted by a plethora of activities that will tickle your taste buds, lay sweet sounds in your ears, put sweat on your brow, and test your skills as an Arrowmen and Scout against real OA High Adventure Foremen from Northern Tier and Philmont!

Last year, you had the ability to experience the following program offerings:

  • Hot Iron Branding (camp brands, Philmont brands)
  • Trail Construction Project
  • Foreman Olympics
  • Backpacking Meals from Philmont
  • Canoe Obstacle Course
  • Dutch Oven Cooking (Jambalaya)
  • Knot-Tying Competition
  • Polar-Bear Swim
  • Training Sessions, Dining Hall Announcements, Pre-Show Promo Video viewing

This year we are ecstatic to be utilizing Bayport Scout Reservation’s incredible facilities and augment our program with the following elements:

  • 6-sided Climbing/Rappelling Tower
  • 500’ Zip Line
  • Flint Strike Fire starting
  • Dutch Oven Cobbler Cooking
  • More training sessions including a backpacking tutorial
  • Tomahawk Throwing
  • Trail Maintenance Project
  • FOREMAN OLYMPIC Team Relay Event

Our newest program offering, the FOREMAN OLYMPIC Team Relay will be the hallmark event of the weekend for the High Adventure area. It will consist of a series of five stations challenging the 5 best Arrowmen from your lodge in tests of speed, strength, wit, and skill. Come out and compete! Maybe your lodge will be crowned the first ever OA High Adventure FOREMAN OLYMPIC Champion!

HIGHADVENTUREIn addition to the above activities, you will not be able to miss OA High Adventure around Conclave!
• Visit the base of operations at the Nighthawk Pavilion
• Look for our promotional areas around camp
• Speak to the traveling promoters carrying a canoe and toting a backpack,
• Attend our training sessions in the morning (geared towards both youth and adult Arrowmen)
• Enjoy our promotional videos in the Dining Hall and at the Pre-Show entertainment
• Expose yourself to more individual opportunities at each of the High Adventure Bases:

  • Philmont’s: Rayado Trek, Trail Crew Trek (TCT), Roving Outdoor Conservation School (ROCS), Ranch Hands program, and STEM Treks
  • Northern Tier’s: Forest Corps

Please remember to bring the following items with you to Conclave to better enjoy your experience:
1. Closed-toed shoes, pants, work gloves, and a water bottle for building trail (we have limited supplies of personal protective equipment. We encourage participants to bring their own)
2. Swim trunks and a towel for the Polar Bear Plunge
3. A Water bottle – hydration is key when you will be enjoying the activities so vigorously!

Conclave 2015 will not be one to miss! Nor will ANY of the excitement, enthusiasm, and raw BROTHERHOOD that will be presented by the Section SR-7A OA High Adventure Committee on April 25, 2015. Are you FIRED UP?