Second Century Summit

Building Leaders for our Second Century

Second-Century-SummitWhat is the Second Century Summit?

The Second Century Summit is the third program in SR-7A’s line of capstone training. This program will train Arrowmen to be effective lodge leaders and prepare them to deal with the challenges that each of our lodges face. Participants will discuss innovative methods for lodges to fulfill the Order’s Mission and Purpose. Looking at Lodge Journey to Excellence, they will learn to use it not only as a measure of success, but also as a tool to generate a lodge plan for improvement. Come the end of the program, each participant will leave with a playbook of objectives, best practices, and networking contacts to take their first step into the Order’s second century.

Who is Participating?

Arrowmen are invited to attend the Second Century Summit by their Lodge Chief or Lodge Adviser. Once an Arrowman receives and accepts an invitation, he or she will begin to receive information from the SR-7A Summit Staff.

Who is Staffing?

The Section Vice Chief and the Second Century Summit Coordinator have carefully selected the Second Century Summit Staff Members to create a great training atmosphere and experience for the participants. The staff members include past lodge, section, and national officers from SR-7A along with special out-of-section guest trainers. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge in being successful leaders in the Order of the Arrow.

Packed and ready? All fired up?

The Second Century Summit will be a four-hour program on the Saturday morning of Conclave, April 25, 2015, from 7:30AM to 12:30PM. The Summit will be held in the Galley at Bayport Scout Reservation.

The results will be great when we reach the summit together…