Troop Representative Summit

TroopRepSummitThis never-before-seen training experience will be fun, lively and effective!

Held as a part of the 2014 SR-7A Conclave
April 25-27
Camp Shenandoah, Swoope, VA

Make sure your Troop Representative and adviser are signed up to take advantage of this opportunity!

The OA Troop Representative Summit (TRS) is a four-hour intense training experience for OA Troop Representatives and their advisers The TRS focuses on building leadership skills, providing service to the troop and working with the Troop Rep adviser.

During the course of the TRS, participants will interact in role-playing sessions designed by the nation’s best youth trainers to emphasize how the Troop Representative is a “Jack of all Trades” in his various leadership situations. The course also revolves around the recently announced OA Unit of Excellence Award and will give your leaders an opportunity to develop a plan for your Troop to achieve this recognition. Finally, your leaders will return home after a weekend thinking critically about and crafting their own goals regarding service to your unit.

Lead Your Unit. Be The Catalyst. Inspire Others.

The OA Troop Representative is a troop leadership position held by an OA member. He serves as a liaison among the Troop, the OA Chapter and the OA Lodge. Practically speaking, this gives your troop a voice in the OA and is the avenue through which your Troops questions or requests of the OA are addressed. How is this accomplished? Send your OA Troop Rep and his adult adviser to the TRS and we will train them!

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