Two SR-7A Lodges Receive National OA Service Grant

Of the twenty lodges in the nation that received OA Service Grants this year, two hail from SR-7A! The Heart of Virginia Council (Nawakwa Lodge #3) headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, will receive $1,676 dollars to build a five (5) mile … Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

From our brothers in the Northeast Region: Hurricane Sandy caused lots of damage all across the Northeast Region, and we, as Arrowmen, feel that we need to help. In addition to homes being affected, Scout camps across the region have … Continue reading

Southern Region Gathering

On the weekend of October 12-14, 2013, SR-7A officers and advisers joined their colleagues from throughout the Southern Region at the T Bar M Resort in New Braunfels, Texas (outside of San Antonio) for the Southern Region Gathering. Section Chief … Continue reading

OA Staff Jamboree Scholarship

The “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt Trust and the Order of the Arrow are proud to announce the William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt Scholarship to assist youth Arrowmen serving on Order of the Arrow Staff at the 2013 National Boy Scout … Continue reading

Guide to Inductions 2012 Revision

The 2012 revision of the Guide to Inductions is now available. This revision contains several additions, changes and updates. As part of this revision more resources are available for use by lodges and chapters. Arrowmen involved in inductions are encouraged … Continue reading