SR7A_websquare_whitebackgroundThis page is intended to serve as a section-level supplement to the current versions of the Boy Scouts of America Brand Identity Guide and the Order of the Arrow Branding and Style Guide. For use of logos and branding on a national level, please refer to those documents. No material in the SR-7A Brand Usage Guidelines is intended to conflict with these national documents, and we encourage SR-7A Arrowmen to seek guidance in those resources for proper usage of Order of the Arrow and Boy Scouts of America logos, typefaces, and color schemes.

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  • Headings– Boris Black Bloxx (available from and other sources)
  • Body Text– Myriad Pro (available from Adobe)*
  • Accent Text/Minor Headings– Myriad Pro Black (available from Adobe)*


*If you are working on an official SR-7A project, contact the Section Secretary at to see if you may be able to utilize these fonts under the Section’s license.