Established in 2014, the SR-7A Legacy Fellowship is presented each year to an active Arrowman who has provided enduring and exemplary service (over a period of many years) to the Virginia-based Order of the Arrow lodges. The recipient is announced at the February Council of Chiefs (or at Conclave) and the award is presented at Conclave. Arrowmen who have been associated with the legacy fellow are given the opportunity to contribute to the $1,000 donation in the fellowship recipient’s name to the National Order of the Arrow Endowment.

For information on donating to the 2018 Legacy Fellowship fund, please email Scott Smith.

See below for the Legacy Fellowship online nomination form (nominations are due by January 31st of each year).

2014Herbert J. SmithWahunsenakah 333
2015Mack T. Ruffin, IIINawakwa 3
2016W. Scott SmithTutelo 161
2017Michael F. WhiteShenandoah 258
2018Richards M. "Doc" MillerShenandoah 258


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