SR-7A Conclaves are traditionally held on the weekend in April that includes the last Saturday of the month.

2021 Camp Lions (@Pipsico) Wahunsenakah 333
2022 Camp Powhatan Tutelo 161
2023 Camp Lions (@Pipsico) Blue Heron 349
2024 Camp Rock Enon Shenshawpotoo
2025 Heart of VA Scout Reservation Nawakwa 3
2026 Camp Shenandoah Shenandoah 258
2027 Camp Lions (@Pipsico) Wahunsenakah 333
2028 Camp Powhatan Tutelo 161

*This rotation reflects an alteration made by the SR-7A Council of Chiefs in February of 2014 to accommodate a request by Nawakwa Lodge #3 to be the service lodge in 2019, their 100th anniversary year. Blue Heron #349 and Nawakwa #3 switched service years. The above rotation pattern will remain in effect unless altered in the future by the Council of Chiefs.