The following lists include the names of Section Chiefs from sections comprised of Virginia-based lodges who were elected by their peers to serve beyond the section level. Those Arrowmen elected to serve as Region Chief, National Vice Chief, or National Chief are required to resign from their position as Section Chief. Thus, in several cases, new Section Chiefs have been elected to fill the new regional or national officer’s unexpired term. Those Section Chiefs serving in other elected positions (see second table below) are not required to step down from their section office.

Regional and National Officers

Program Year
2020SR-7ASeth Greiling - 349Southern Region Chief
2018SR-7AAnthony Peluso - 349National Chief
2014SR-7ATaylor Bobrow - 349National Vice Chief
2012SR-7APreston Marquis - 349National Vice Chief
2010SR-7AWill Swingle - 3National Vice Chief
2005SR-7ABradley Long - 161Southern Region Chief
1974-1976SE-1Bruce Sanders - 349Southeastern Region Chief

National Deputy Conference Chiefs (DCCs), Conference Vice Chiefs (CVCs), & Jamboree Vice Chiefs (JVCs)

Program Year
2022E9Eli Hattersley - 258NOAC CVC of Communications
2009SR-7AWill Swingle - 3NOAC CVC of American Indian Activities
2006SR-7AJeff Bona - 161NOAC CVC of Radio / Info Booths / Hometown News
2004SR-7AR.C. Hartman - 258NOAC CVC of Special Events
1994SR-6BW. Scott Smith - 161NOAC CVC of Public Relations
1981SE-1Ted Costin - 3NOAC CVC of Training
1967III-CStephen E. Lickey - 3NOAC DCC of Welfare