SR-7A History Project Photo & Document Upload Form

  • We are seeking photographs and documents from past section and area conclaves, conferences, pow wows, and other events. Documents might include officer rosters, letters, newsletters, manuals, passports or other event materials, certificates, etc. Our project involves Area III-A and earlier, Area III-C, Section SE-1, Section SE-8, Section SR-6 (1993), Section SR-7, and Section SR-7A. Questions may be directed to
  • Image & Document Upload

  • You may upload up to four separate files per submission. Please ensure that all four files (in aggregate) are no larger than 20 MB. For most items, scanning at 300 DPI resolution is adequate. If you have very large files, a quantity of files, or materials that cannot easaily be scanned, please send an email to, and we will coordinate with youAllowed file types: Images: .png, .jpg, Documents: .pdf
  • By submitting these materials, I grant explicit permission for Southern Region Section Seven A, its member lodges, successors, and the Order of the Arrow/Boy Scouts of America to use these materials (with source attribution) for any Scouting-related purpose, publication, or activity. I also certify that I have the right to grant such permission.