April 5-7, 2019

Cub Adventure Camp, Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation, 1723 Maidens Road, Goochland, VA 23102.

To gain a better understanding and further knowledge of our Order’s ceremonies and induction process, the SR-7A Ceremonies Weekend is for you. Relationships are built on first impressions. The induction process and our ceremonies are undoubtedly many Scouts’ first impression of the Order of the Arrow. To help your lodge develop its induction sequence and ceremonies, SR-7A is proud to present its fifth-annual Ceremonies Weekend, which expanded this year to include the all-important induction process in addition to ceremonies.

Whether you are a ceremonialist, a coach, or an advisor who desires to improve your lodge’s ceremonies or you’re the lodge Inductions Chairman or the Inductions Advisor who wants to better understand the Order’s induction process, this event is planned with you in mind. You will have the opportunity to interact with key national and Section trainers who will help prepare you to return to your lodge and deliver the gift of the Admonition to your lodge’s candidates and brothers. Ceremonies Weekend is a section-wide training and fellowship event held on April 5-7 at the Cub Adventure Camp on the Heart of Virginia Scout Reservation in Maidens, Virginia, conveniently located near the interstate just west of Richmond.

Those interested in inductions will be taken through a complete simulated inductions experience including an Ordeal which will include a service project. However, unlike when you undertook your Ordeal some elements will not be duplicated. You, like all attendees, be housed in a cabin and will enjoy meals prepared in the dining hall.

Those interested in ceremonies will have opportunities for training and fellowship, and present your team’s ceremony for SR-7A evaluation, thus freeing up ceremonialists to experience more of Conclave!

This event will help improve your lodge’s induction and ceremonies, giving your lodge’s candidates and brothers the best possible experience at every level; consequently helping deliver the gift of the Admonition.



HURRY! The registration deadline is March 26th!

For more information, email ceremoniesweekend@sr7a.org

Please remember to complete a BSA medical form and bring it with you!