The Order of the Arrow is celebrating its Centennial Anniversary in 2015, and to honor the occasion, past area and section officers from throughout Virginia are invited to attend a luncheon at the SR-7A Conclave on April 25, 2015 at Bayport Scout Reservation in Jamaica, Virginia. This luncheon, which will begin at Noon at the Bayport Dining Hall, will welcome all Arrowmen who were inducted into the Order during the previous year, and will feature National Chief Alex Call as the keynote speaker. We have not had a sitting National Chief at a Virginia Conclave since John Meckley attended in 1990.

As a former officer or adviser in one of the areas or sections listed below, you are invited to attend Saturday’s festivities at Conclave as a special guest. Your $20 registration fee covers lunch and dinner, a patch, and all Conclave programs occurring on Saturday, including training sessions, the OA museum, the Expo, and Saturday evening’s show and feast. To register as a special guest, please click here.

If you are currently a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America and would like to participate in the entire weekend as a part of your lodge’s contingent, please click here, click on your lodge’s flap, and get registered!

With an attendance goal of 1,250, the 2015 SR-7A Conclave is slated to be the biggest in Virginia history! We would be honored if you are able to attend. For more information on Conclave, visit http://conclave.sr7a.org. For specific information on registering and attending Conclave as a past officer guest, please contact Scott Smith at scott.smith@sr7a.org or 434-401-3995.

We would also like to invite you to bring photographs, patches, documents, newsletters, and other items from your time as an area or section officer so that we can photograph or scan them for the section archives. For more information, or if you would like to display something at the OA museum at Conclave, please email museum@sr7a.org.